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Best cleaning iron tips

Image of ironThe iron is one of the electrical appliances in the home we use daily, whether to smooth the shirt of your husband, the clothes of your child or your own clothes. Most modern irons are now manufactured with non-stick coatings that protect both the iron and the fabrics of the clothes. However, if your iron is an older model, it will probably have traces of adhering burnt fabrics.

How to clean burnt iron

The easiest way to clean the iron is to use 2 tbsp of bread soda with 1 tbsp of water. Stir the mixture and apply on the metal surface, and leave for ten minutes. If the surface is darker, you may have to rub the place with a sponge and then wipe it with a cotton cloth. The result is a shiny metal surface.

There is no housewife who has not ruined a loved one skirt with her overheated iron. Apart fromImage of shirt the fact that the garment is destroyed, the coating of the iron is not ironic because of the fabric melted over the surface. Do not despair, there are always household tips that will help you save the iron, whether its coating is teflon or metal.

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How to clean a cooker – Tips and Tricks

After months of baking, the oven gets quite dirty. The accumulated grease and charred food turn into carbon, causing a strong smell of burned when cooked. This accumulation and coating of the oven with residual food and grease may be a cause and a fire hazard.

The first and most important thing is to determine the type of your oven. There are several types of standard stoves, but each one requires a slightly different cleaning method. The self-cleaning oven has a function that allows you to heat to such a high temperature that the spread food and fat will become ash. Textured stoves have a porcelain layer that is designed to burn the spread food and fat while using the oven itself. Ordinary non-cleaning ovens should be cleaned regularly and unfortunately by hand…

Ordinary non-cleaning ovens

Image of cookerRepeat the grid cleaning method as you can add a couple of tablespoons of vinegar to more dirt. Make a homemade solution of baking soda and water again. Spray the inside of the oven as a hole, pay attention to fat and charred food. Allow the oven to soak in the preparation for at least 1 hour. Try to check if the peel has dissolved, and if it’s still hard, spray again with your household baking soda and let it sit for 1 hour again. Use a scraper. Once you remove the dirt, take a brush to collect the residue. Wipe the oven once more with a 1: 1 solution of vinegar and water.

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